Sharon Ryba-Pertz
- Adobe Certified Expert
- Adobe Certified Instructor
- Adobe Community Professional
- Instructor of Digital Media Arts and Non-Linear Digital Video Editing, teaching university, corporate, and K-12 levels
- Non-Linear Digital Video Editor and Graphic Designer with 20+ years experience in Corporate, Public Service, and Broadcast Entertainment industries
- Manager and Founder of the Long Island Adobe User Group
As an editor, I love fitting each piece together rhythmically and artfully, while telling the story and reaching the audience. 
I often laugh when people call me an artist, quickly correcting them, " I am a technician." I feel and sense the image and sound and then, using my technical skill like a paint brush, I apply cuts, transitions, and effects. The 'sensing' comes to me like breathing...something we don't think about but do naturally. Applying editing techniques is naturally using another language that I know as well as my native tongue. 
Graphic Design is a natural extension of editing which comes to me like crawling before walking. Graphic Design has always been a tool in my arsenal of digital media skills. Whether it be, creating a logo or enhancing graphics for video usage or photo manipulation and touch-ups, the skills needed come naturally to me.