Installation Paintings
Large-Scale Stencils
I created the following paintings by photographing the subject or creating the images digitally (or from client). Then, I process the images in Photoshop, converting to monotone. Each image is printed on standard copy paper and chalked on back. The wall is covered with masking tape and then, adhering to the wall, I mosaic the pages to put the image back together and then trace the image. I remove the pages and the image remains. Then, I painstakingly carve the image with a knife and remove the excess to create a stencil. Paint is then applied and when dry, the remaining masking tape is removed.

Mountain View, Hawaii
'35' - Latex Interior House Paint on Redwood, (tongue & groove) Walls
Detail - '35'
Hilo, Hawaii
'Bamboo Branch'
Hawaii Kai, Hawaii
Keaau, Hawaii
Concept Rendering
Concept Rendering
'Fern' & 'Ferns'

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