" A Night at the Louvre "
Kamehameha Schools - Elementary School - Hawaii Campus - Spring Music Concert
• Editing
• Custom DVD authoring

In Kea`au, Hawai`i, nestled on the slopes of Mauna Loa, with magnificent views of Mauna Kea, stands Kamehameha Schools - Hawaii Campus. The music director, Cynthia Debus and the art teacher, Tana Rosehill, collaborated and created a music and art show as their spring concert. Each song coordinated with an art lesson and the lesson was inspired by the artists' style, technique, or  subject.

The teachers needed to burn the MiniDV footage of the concert to dvd and create a basic dvd of the event for their historical library archives and available to their community for library check-out. They approached me to try to incorporate and feature the children's artwork and burn a dvd with chapters. I assured them that I could help them and I requested to take their vision a bit further and they were very pleased with the results.

I utilized the childrens' artwork to create lower thirds, title shots, credits, dvd screens, chapter markers, transitions and buttons and their performance music as the opening title background music. Considering each of the audiences, I wanted to appease each group on one DVD. The school merely wanted an archive of the performance, thus, I authored and edited a version (angle) without artwork. The parents wanted a version where they could view just their child's performance and artwork, so I created chapters. And the teachers wanted to access both the art and music, as well as, view the fruits of their labor so there is also a version (angle) with artwork.

The entire show is one hour and thirty minutes long.
Opening to "Night at the Louvre" . Artwork & music performed by students of Kamehameha Schools - Hawaii Campus - Elementary
Screenshot of Animated Lower Third

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